Professional Products

Especially for businesses (hotels, restaurants, cafeterias, community centres, gyms, beauty centres, medical centres and cleaning companies) Lucart provides dedicated ranges, each boasting characteristics suited to all requirements.

  • Tenderly Professional
  • Hygenius

Grazie Natural Lucart

Grazie Natural is the range dedicated to all families, with household products and personal hygiene products which provide quality and which are reliable; the products can be found in the best hypermarkets and supermarkets. It is particularly soft, absorbent, resistant and eco-friendly: toilet paper, wipers, reels, napkins and tissues, made from 100% Fiberpack®


Technology and the environment fuse to instigate a revolution, where producing paper according to an eco-friendly framework becomes a reality.

Fiberpack® is representative of the development of paper, even a paper revolution: a nature friendly achievement which guarantees all consumers, maximum quality.