Lucart's history is that of Italian excellence which took a chance on ecology deciding to organise its very own production and logistics systems according to environmental criteria. 
At the time we chose to place importance on nature, ecology was a term which was not very commonly used. We are proud of our contribution, in our small way, we worked so that now, the environment is a value shared by all. At present, the result of such commitment is known as Fiberpack® and it continues along the path of ensuring that the relationship between companies and the environment grows ever more solid and positive. 

Our history: 

  • the first company in Italy to develop the pulp de-inking technique to produce tissue paper and soft glazed paper for pliable packages
  • the first Paper Mill in Italy to obtain the ecological quality label for products issued within the European Union: Ecolabel
  • one of the first companies in Europe, with reference to the specific tissue and glazed paper commodities sector to obtain the quality certification UNI EN ISO 9001 and the environmental management system certification UNI EN ISO 14001
  • one of the first European integrated establishments (Diecimo - Lucca) to produce tissues (paper and converting on the same site) and to registered on the EMAS Scheme
  • one of the first Italian paper mills to obtain the PEFCTM certificate (logo licence n°: PEFC/18-32-05) for the use of cellulose fibres that come from sustainable managed forests according to severe standards that take into consideration environmental, social and economical aspects. The certificate has also been extended to the French plants
  • Lucart, both for Italy and France, can be proud of its multi-site certification FSC® (logo licence n°:FSC-C100456; Custody Chain Code n°SA-COC/CW-002617), like the previous certificate,  for the use of cellulose fibres that come from sustainable forests managed in a correct and responsible way according to strict environmental, social and economical standards
  • one of the first European paper factories to publish an annual Environmental Report which describes and summarises the policies, programmes, objectives and concrete actions carried out relative to the environment.

Tetra Pak®

Tetra Pak® was founded in Sweden more than 60 years ago and has been present in Italy since 1965. It is now considered the world Leader in development, production and commercialisation of solutions for treatment and packaging of food products. Alongside growth, innovation and quality, the environment represents one of the principal pilasters of company strategy, which has singled out three priority intervention areas used to minimise company environmental impact:

  • Climatic reduction impact of the production chain, through a continuous improvement production performance strategy. On one hand by involving suppliers in pursuing the objective of reducing CO2 emissions and increasing the use of renewable energies; and on the other by improving the production processes in order to reduce energy consumption and supply clients with more efficient treatment and packaging solutions.
  • Development of sustainable products that will privilege the use of renewable materials and paper from certified FSC® forests. In 2012 over 26 billion FSC® certified paper packs were produced worldwide.
  • Increase of beverage carton recycling by means of extensive capillary activity to support and promote differentiated waste collection in collaboration with local authorities. beverage cartons like Tetra Pak® have been recycled in Italy thanks to 40 million citizens that have taken part in differentiated waste collection.

Technology and the environment fuse to instigate a revolution, where producing paper according to an eco-friendly framework becomes a reality.

Fiberpack® is representative of the development of paper, even a paper revolution: a nature friendly achievement which guarantees all consumers, maximum quality.