Fiberpack® initiates its life with the separate waste collection of Tetra Pak® type beverage cartons. 
To find out more details on the correct separate waste collection method relative to beverage cartons, please refer to the website of the Municipality in which you live. 
In 2012 the amount of recycled cartons in Europe (27 EEC countries + Norway and Switzerland) was around 380.000 tons (approximately 19 billion cartons), a statistic which is constantly on the rise from one year to the next, demonstrating how separate waste collection has not simply become habit but of genuine value for millions of people. 
Containers may be simply folded or squashed down; in all cases, it is recommended that milk, sugar or fruit juice residues are removed using water. 
Where the role of the container has expired, the second life of the cellulose fibrespolyethylene and aluminium begins...


The containers which have been collected are subjected to a mechanical process and undergo an extremely safe and tightly monitored sterilization procedure. The process accurately separates the cellulose fibres from the rest of the materials, using a clean, zero waste technology which enables the recycling of 100% of the components.

Lucart obtains Fiberpack® from the cellulose fibres: the remaining materials, from which AL-PE is obtained, is sent to industries which produce manufactured products for building, urban fabric components and ordinary usage elements. In actual fact, the water mooring poles present in the waters of Venice are made from recycled plastic/aluminium components from beverage cartons.

New life: Fiberpack®

The paper obtained from the Fiberpack® respects skin and preserves the natural colour of the wood: Havana colours which are reminiscent of nature. Using Fiberpack®, it is possible to produce paper to serve all kinds of domestic requirements. The paper obtained is extremely soft and supple whilst also being resistant and absorbent, ideal characteristics for tissues, napkins, dishcloths and toilet paper. 
For all those concerned about the environment, the Grazie Natural Lucart and Eco Natural Lucart ranges are the most advanced when it comes to safety and eco-friendliness: toilet paper, wipers, napkins and tissues boasting extraordinary softness, resistance and absorbency. 
The Fiberpack® manufacturing process is eco-friendly and all products are certified Ecolabel, an EU label representative of the ecological quality of the paper tissue. 
Napkins, dishcloths and paper towels which comply with Italian legislation relative to Article 5b of Italian law DM 220/93. and which are suitable for contact with dry foodstuffs.

Technology and the environment fuse to instigate a revolution, where producing paper according to an eco-friendly framework becomes a reality.

Fiberpack® is representative of the development of paper, even a paper revolution: a nature friendly achievement which guarantees all consumers, maximum quality.