Discover Fiberpack®

Fiberpack® is the material obtained from recycling cellulose fibres forming part of beverage cartons, all thanks to the innovative and exclusive technology developed by Lucart.
Fiberpack® represents an environmental and technological feat, born from the partnership, the only one of its kind, between Lucart and Tetra Pak®.
Fiberpack® marks the future of ecological paper and Lucart uses it as the raw material to produce its main brand products.
Fiberpack® is a flagship research concept, the result of avant-garde technology and extreme environment-friendly elements. The Fiberpack® production process begins with individual sense of responsibility, and it is only thanks to the collective that we can achieve a raw material which would otherwise be simply lost into the surrounding environment.
Fiberpack® features, along with its logo, on all Lucart products made using the aforementioned, bearing witness to the exclusive and monitored use of cellulose fibres recovered from beverage cartons like Tetra Pak®: discover our products.

Technology and the environment fuse to instigate a revolution, where producing paper according to an eco-friendly framework becomes a reality.

Fiberpack® is representative of the development of paper, even a paper revolution: a nature friendly achievement which guarantees all consumers, maximum quality.